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  1. Prep your installation by adding a new field in your Freshservice Ticket template and a new field in EACH of your Azure DevOps Work Item Types. These fields are required  to link your Freshservice Tickets and Azure DevOps Work Items.

    • Create a field in your Freshservice Ticket template called "DevOps WorkItem ID"

    • Create a field in each of the Azure DevOps Work Item Types called "Freshservice Ticket Number"

  2. Ensure the Azure DevOps account being used with FreshBridge Connect is set up with full permissions

    • Ensure that this Azure DevOps account can access each project in which you desire to create Freshservice Tickets

    • Generate an Azure DevOps Personal Access Token (PAT) from this account

  3. We recommend creating a FreshBridge Connect specific account within both Freshservice and Azure DevOps to facilitate interactions, but it is not required

    • An account with appropriate permissions in both Azure DevOps and Freshservice is required for FreshBridge Connect to function.​

    • The Azure DevOps account from which the PAT was created will be used to post replies sent from a Freshservice to an Azure DevOps Work Item​

    • Likewise, the provided Freshservice account will be displayed as the commenter for any discussion comments sent from an Azure DevOps Work Item to a Freshservice Ticket


  1. Install FreshBridge Connect by selecting "install" on the Freshservice Market Place app page

  2. Fill out all of the fields on the FreshBridge Connect installation page

ENJOY using FreshBridge Connect

Significant productivity enhancements by simplifying the connection between your support tickets and your development efforts

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