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A performance multiplier app based on how YOU work!


FreshBridge Connect

FreshBridge Connect is a powerful, straightforward and simple app that extends the capabilities of Freshservice to YOUR Azure DevOps implementation and process.

When a new Freshservice ticket arrives, simply 

  1. Choose a project from your Azure DevOps Collection

  2. Select the type of Azure DevOps Work Item you want to create

  3. Fill out any required Work Item fields as well as those you want to populate

  4. Create the linked Work Item

Once a work item has been created, the Freshservice source ticket is automatically linked. Any new Freshservice replies from the ticket originator will automatically be added to the DevOps Work Item discussion.


Developers can also communicate back to the ticket originator by prepending any new discussion posts within Azure DevOps with !reply


Simple. Clean. Efficient. Productivity Enhancing!



  • Unlimited Project association within a given Azure DevOps Collection

    • Can link to any default or custom Azure DevOps process

  • Unlimited creation of Azure DevOps Work Items (any type defined in your Azure DevOps process)

  • Auto-link Freshservice tickets to Azure DevOps Work Items of any type (standard or custom)

    • All default and custom Work Item fields are available within Freshservice form

    • Enforces any required fields from within Work Items (even your custom Work Item Types)

  • Automatic 2-way message forwarding

    • Automatic Freshservice reply forwarding to linked Azure DevOps Work Item

    • Automatic discussion forwarding from within Azure DevOps to linked Freshservice ticket

      • Just include "!reply" at the beginning of your​ Work Item discussion comment

  • Automatic Freshservice ticket closing based on linked Work Item moving to a Completed  state 

    • A linked Freshservice ticket is automatically moved to the "Resolved" state and is automatically "Closed" in 2-days without any additional input from the ticket originator​

Simple. Clean. Efficient. Productivity Enhancing!

All for just $125/mo!



Please contact us for any questions!

How much does FreshBridge Connect cost?

- FreshBridge Connect is available for the low price of $125 per month.

What do I need for FreshBridge Connect?

- An Azure DevOps account with permission to view projects, create and edit work items, and post discussions

- A Freshservice Ticket Number field within your Azure Dev Ops Work Items

- A DevOps WorkItem ID field to your Freshservice ticket template

How do I install FreshBridge Connect?

- Please refer to our Installation page for instructions.

How do I reply to a Freshservice ticket from Azure DevOps?

- Simply include !reply in your new discussion post and it will automatically be sent over!

Where are the Freshservice attachments?

- All original Freshservice ticket attachments are included as links at the bottom of the work item description.

Can multiple Work Items be created from one ticket?

- You can create unlimited Work Items from one ticket. The most recent Work item created will remain linked to the ticket.

How do I close a Freshservice ticket when the work item is complete?

- Change the state of the linked Work Item to a Complete state and the Freshservice ticket will automatically be transitioned to the Resolved state!

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